Hey hey, good morning everyone and as always, Happy Thursday.

Today I want to quickly talk about workout partners and more specifically the qualities that make for a good workout.

Now, I believe that this is worth discussing as its pretty much a universally accepted fact that a workout partner, any workout partner, will positively impact your workouts.

But this isn’t really true.

In order for a workout partner to actually benefit your workouts you need a goodworkout partner.

Because the reality is that a bad workout partner can slow you down, take away from the effectiveness of your workouts and even get you injured.

So with the above in mind, let’s jump in and quickly cover the most important characteristics that make for a good workout partner:

1) A good workout partner is someone with whom you share primary goals. If your goals are too different it will be too hard to select exercises that fit both of your programs, there will be confusion and logistical difficulties and your workouts will suffer.

2) A good workout partner is someone with whom you can easily schedule joint workouts. If scheduling joint workouts with your partner is too hard, too annoying or too stressful it will negatively impact your personal workout schedule and detract from the overall experience.

3) A good workout partner will always emphasize form and safety over intensity. Workout partners who emphasize intensity (How much weight you can lift or how hard you can push your cardio) over form and safety will push you into dangerous situations and may even get you injured.

4) A good workout partner knows how to perform the exercises the two of you are doing. Bad workout partners don’t, are unable to help coach you and hold your form accountable when you are lifting. This will lead to inferior results and potential injury.

5) A good workout partner has a long-term vision for what they want from their workouts and their body. Workout partners who don’t are prone to switching their programs too frequently. They will pressure you, whether directly or indirectly, to do the same, throw you off your program and undermine your long-term progress.

6) A good workout partner knows how to choose the right exercises, the right sets, the right reps and the right weight (Or time and speed for cardio) for the right goals. And a good workout partner knows how to cycle these variables from workout to workout, week-to-week and month-to-month in order to maximize the effectiveness of each individual workout.

7) A good workout partner concentrates when you two work out. They watch you closely when you lift to make sure that your form is tight and are ready in case you need a spot. And a good workout partner never goofs around when you are in the middle of an exercise.

8) And finally, a good workout partner is driven, gritty and determined. Trust me, go workout with someone who is half assing it and you’re going to get a half assed workout. Go workout with someone who is locked in and it is going to rub off on you big time.

So, is it time to re-evaluate your workout partner? 

Okay everyone, that’s it for this week.

As always, to our health.

Your exercise and dietary coach,

Zach Moore

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