Complimentary Trial Services

Working with a coach is the best decision you can make to drive your transformation forward. But it’s a big commitment. That’s why it’s my pleasure to offer you two complimentary services so you can “test me out” first. An initial exploration call and a full 60-minute personal training session.


Your exploration call is our opportunity to get to know each other. We’re gonna dive into your goals and motivations, highlight any injuries you may be dealing with, and explore your past and current workout routines. Then we’ll delve into the nuanced areas of your life that may be impacting your training and health, I’ll answer your remaining questions, and I’ll share where I think we need to start.

COMPLIMENTARY Training session

Your complimentary training session is your opportunity to work with me in person, get a feel for my personality and approach, and get a sense of the exercises and intensities we’re gonna include in the first phase of your program. Your comp session is also my opportunity to get a sense for your body, how you move, your strengths and weaknesses, and where I’ll need to start you. Your comp session will be half assessment and half workout and will be our springboard for igniting your transformation!

Please fill out the submission form here to sign up for your complimentary exploration call and training session.   


Individual Session (60 minutes) 12 Session Package
$175 $1920 ($160 per session)

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching Rates

Individual Session (60 minutes) 12 Session Package
$175 $1920 ($160 per session)

12-Week Transformative EaTing For

Transformational Weight Loss Program

Lifetime Access To All Lessons & 12 Weekly One-On-One Calls