You’re here because you’re ready to change.  You’re ready to change the way your body looks, change the way your body feels, and change the way your body functions.  I think that is awesome and I am excited to be part of your transformation.


As your personal trainer and dietary management coach my goal will be straightforward and simple: design and implement for you the best and most comprehensive exercise and dietary program possible.  A program that gets you the results you want quickly and efficiently.  A program that always keeps you safe.  And a program that provides you with a fun, positive, and encouraging environment in which to work.

GET YOU RESULTS: Whether your goal is to lose weight, sculpt your body, improve your health, or recover from an injury, I know how important your goal is to you.  And that means your goal is just as important to me too.  That is why my number one focus as your fitness coach will be to get you the results you want as quickly and efficiently as possible.

KEEP YOU SAFE: I believe my most important responsibility as your personal trainer and health coach will be to keep you safe, healthy, and injury free.  Always.  To ensure your safety and long term health I will emphasize perfect form on every repetition of every exercise.  I will push you to achieve your best, but never push you past your reasonable limits.  And I will make sure you are always approaching your dietary program in the safest manner possible.

ENJOY YOUR WORKOUTS: Working out in a fun, positive, and encouraging environment is energizing, breeds long term success, and simply makes working out fun.  When we work together I’ll make sure you leave every workout thinking, “I worked my butt off, and I had a great time!”


Since founding my practice I have had the pleasure of working with many fantastic clients and I am very proud of all my clients who have worked so hard to achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals.  Directly below is a link where you can view what just a few of my clients have to say about our time training together and the impact it made on their bodies, their health, and their lives.