Most of us struggle to transform our bodies because we struggle to get command of our eating. But we’ve got to eat right to transform our bodies. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. That’s why coaching nutrition is a core pillar of my practice, why we’re not gonna rest until we’ve gotten you command of your eating, and why I created my 12-Week Transformational Eating For Transformaional Weight Loss Program.  


I’ve been coaching men and women on how to get command of their eating to lose weight since 2009. I’ve helped over 250 awesome guys and gals lose over 5,000 pounds in that time. And my students and I have driven 90% of those pounds off, and kept them off, through a core set of lessons. I filmed and organized those lessons into my game-changing 12-Week Transformative Eating For Transformational Weight Loss Program. My program contains over 20 hours of deep and nuanced instruction covering the three main pillars of transformational eating for transformational weight loss. 

Pillar One: Nailing The Basics: The first part of transforming your eating so you can transform your body is figuring out how much of what to eat. So, during the first phase of my program (weeks 1 – 3) we’re gonna set your caloric and macro budget, outline how much of what you need to eat when, show you how to build and order healthy meals, and get you logging your food to lay your transformation’s foundation.

Pillar Two: Crafting Support Structures: During the second phase of my program (weeks 4 – 7) we’re gonna empower you to become a “proactive eater” so you can eat right in the flow of everyday life. We’re gonna hammer home how to eat right during the week so you have space to go out on the weekends and still lose weight. And we’re gonna outline how to surround yourself with healthy food and people to make eating right as close to easy as possible.

Pillar Three: Cementing Your Transformation For Good: 90% of us will regain some, much, or all of the weight we lose in the years following our transformation. That’s tragic and why my program’s final thrust (weeks 8 – 12) outlines the five main reasons we regain weight and gives you the tools and tactics to overcome them and cement your transformation for good.

Weekly Call: We’ll have a 30-minute one-on-one call every week to discuss your lessons, plan your week, strategize how to overcome your challenges, answer your questions, and keep you driving forward.

General Support: I’m available Monday – Friday 6:30 am – 8:30 pm to answer your questions via call, text, email, Facebook, or DM and will do my best to get back to you ASAP. 

Course Curriculum: Here is the full course curriculum: (Scroll down to the “Course Curriculum” section slightly below the top of the page.)

One-on-One Coaching

I also offer one-one-one nutrition coaching sessions. These can be set up in conjunction with our 12-Week Transformative Eating For Transformational Weight Loss program or as stand alone sessions. We’ll cover the same concepts in our one-on-one coaching sessions that we would in the 12-Week Transformative Eating For Transformational Weight Loss program, but with extra flexibility and a greater personal touch.