Exercise Programs Offered

The exercise program I will develop for you will be based upon the core principles established by industry leading organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the American Association of Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Professionals.  Your program will incorporate my years of professional experiences and the latest scientifically backed research in the fields of general and athletic fitness and health. Your program will be designed specifically for you, your body, and your goals and may focus specifically on, or combine elements from, the following areas of specialty:


To facilitate a safe, steady, and permanent reduction of body fat, my weight-loss programs combine an exercise program based on the proper balance of cardiovascular and resistance training with a focused dietary program that heavily emphasizes proper food selection and portion control.


For those who want to build, tone, and sculpt their bodies, my physique sculpting programs utilize the resistance exercises necessary to carefully develop each desired body part and incorporate a detailed dietary program necessary to allow your physique to reach its aesthetic peak.


To build strength, power, speed, and stamina, my strength and conditioning programs emphasize heavy compound movements, sprint drills, and mobility, flexibility, and agility work and are developed with a dietary program designed to maximize your performance.

Middle Age Health Optimization

To address the collective issues seen upon entering middle age, such as weight gain, loss of strength, hypertension, a slowing metabolism, and the loss of vital hormones, my middle age health optimization programs are comprehensive in their approach. They incorporate the most effective resistance, cardiovascular, and “pre”habilitation methodologies and are coupled with a dietary plan designed to optimize internal health and function.


To address the issues seen as we enter our senior years, such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, reductions in balance and coordination, and loss of functional power, my senior health optimization programs focus on resistance training and balance and coordination work to slow the biological components of aging and restore your functional capabilities.


For those who have experienced an acute muscular, tendinous, ligamentous, or cartilaginous injury and have completed physical therapy, my post physical therapy and continued rehabilitation training programs build upon the gains made in physical therapy, continue the body’s redevelopment, and with the utmost care, bridge your transition back to traditional training methods.