Exercise Programs Offered

Your exercise program will be built upon core principles established by industry leading organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Your program will incorporate my years of professional expertise and the latest scientifically backed research in the fields of fitness and health. Your program will be designed specifically for you, your body, and your goals and may focus on, or combine elements from, the following areas of specialty:


To build strength, power, speed, and stamina, your strength and conditioning program will utilize heavy compound movements, high intensity intervals, and a nutrition program built to maximize your performance.

Weight Loss

To safely, steadily, and permanently reduce your excess body fat, your weight-loss program will incorporate the proper balance of cardiovascular and resistance exercises and a nutrition program heavily focused on proper food selection and portion control.


To build, tone, and sculpt your body, your physique sculpting program will utilize the specific exercises needed to develop each of your desired body parts and will include a nutrition program designed to bring your body to its aesthetic peak.

Middle Age Optimization

To address the issues that come with middle age: hypertension, a slowing metabolism, loss of strength, your middle age optimization program will be comprehensive in its approach. Your program will incorporate the most effective resistance, cardiovascular, and “prehabilitation” exercises and will be coupled with a nutrition plan designed to optimize your health and function.


To help you return to training after an injury and physical therapy, your post physical therapy program will build upon the gains you made in rehab, continue your body’s redevelopment, and with the utmost care, bridge your transition back to traditional training.


So that you have access to your workouts anytime and anyplace, I will provide you with an Interactive Training Spreadsheet. Accessible through your Personal Client Profile via Google Drive, your Interactive Training Spreadsheet is where we will record your workouts and share your supplemental routines. With your data in hand you’ll be ready to nail the details and maximize your individual workouts.


To complement your one-on-one training sessions I happily offer Supplemental Training Programs. Taking into account your goals, fitness level, and equipment availability your Supplemental Training Program will outline the exercises, sets, repetitions, and weights you need for each of your solo workouts. Adding safe and challenging workouts to your one-on-one sessions, your Supplemental Training Program will take your fitness to the next level away from your one on one sessions.