Exercise Programs

An expertly crafted program is your key to building the physique, strength, and stamina you’ve been dreaming of. But your plan must be built for you. No cookie cutter routines or one-size-fits-all approaches. Those are your tickets to poor results and injuries and why we’re gonna build for you a personalized program that fuses the exact combination of resistance training, high intensity cardio, and mobility drills to drive your body forward and keep you injury free.

Resistance Training

Resistance training will form the backbone of your program because it’s your key to building muscle and strength, and toning your body. We’re gonna emphasize big lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press and rows, perfect your form, and progress you step by step until we’ve crafted your dream physique.


We’ll use high intensity cardio drills like interval training and sprinting to ignite your speed and stamina, fortify your health, and drive an extra caloric burn. And we’ll incorporate a variety of drills to keep your workouts fresh, unlock your athleticism, and keep you challenged away from the weights.


We’ve gotta keep you “in the game” to keep you moving forward. We’re gonna weave in posture, mobility, rehab, and “pre-hab” exercises to lay your foundation, restore your movement, and bulletproof your body so you can excel on the field and in life and prevent injuries and pain before they strike.

Supplemental Workouts

I’m happy to build extra workouts for you to fill in the gaps in your program and supplement our training sessions. I’ll craft your solo workouts to complement our training sessions, build them around the time and equipment you’ll have access to, and include the exercises, sets, reps, and weight’s you’ll need to do.

Personal Client Folder & Workout Sheet

We’re gonna record your workouts, sets, reps, exercises and notes on your personal workout sheet and store it in your personal google drive client folder. This will give you access to your workouts anytime and anywhere and the flexibility to add your own as your command of your program grows.