Good morning everyone, happy Thursday, and I hope you all had a great Holiday.

Today I want to talk about the awesomeness that is the Bulgarian Split Squat.

Now, for those of you who don’t know what a Bulgarian Split Squat is, it is a unilateral squatting motion, lower body exercise performed from a back leg elevated split stance designed to intensely work your front leg’s quad, glutes and hamstrings extensively.

And yes, I know that last sentence wasn’t English. So click here to see an example of a Bulgarian Split Squat from the front and here for an example of a Bulgarian Split Squat from the side.

So what makes Bulgarian Split Squats such an awesome exercise?

1) Bulgarian Split Squats are one of the single most effective exercises for building strength, tone and functional capabilities throughout all three of the gluteus muscles. So If having a strong, toned, defined, high, tight and firm butt is one of your primary goals (Ladies, sound like anyone you know??) Bulgarian Split Squats should play a foundational role in your exercise program.

2) Bulgarian Split Squats are particularly effective for building strength, stability and the functional capabilities of the gluteus medius and the various adductor muscles. And in turn strong, stable and capable gluteus medius and adductor muscles significantly reduce the risk of over use and traumatic knee injuries.

3) Bulgarian Split Squats are excellent for developing balance.

4) Because Bulgarian Split Squats are performed one leg at a time they immediately expose differences in strength, stability and balance between your legs.

5). Bulgarian Split Squats provide a great natural stretch to your elevated back leg’s hip flexor muscles. This is particularly beneficial for those of us you who sit a lot. As in — all of you who work in an office! Tight hip flexors will negatively impact your ability to move, decrease your athletic performance and cause chronic lower back pain.

6) You can easily load a Bulgarian Split Squats by holding dumbbells in your hands as opposed to placing a loaded barbell on your back. This reduces the amount of direct load placed upon your spine and will take pressure of your intervertebral disc. (This is especially beneficial if you suffer from a lower back issue such as a herniated disc.)

7) You don’t need a power rack, barbell or weight plates to do Bulgarian Split Squats. This means you can do them in almost any gym and you don’t have to wait for equipment when your gym is particularly busy.

Okay all, that’s it for today. Short, sweet and to the point.

And if you’re not already including Bulgarian Split Squats into your program, put them in!

You’ll see great results.

As always, to our health,

Your exercise & dietary coach

Zach Moore

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