Alright, so here we are. 2018.

2017 is in the books, we all took time away from the gym and healthy eating to enjoy the holidays and New Years, and now we are all ready and amped up to get after it now that it’s January 1st right?

Of course we are ☺

As we all know New Years is the time for resolutions and new commitments.

New Years is the time of year for “getting motivated.”

But there is a big difference between being motivated to do something, and actually doing it.

So today our team wants to introduce you to James Clear.

James Clear is an author who pens an excellent newsletter addressing the topic of habit change and techniques we can use to help us implement our goals.

James also writes about weightlifting from time to time, so he scores extra points in our book ☺

So for today’s newsletter we are simply going to link to James’ latest article entitled “Achieve Your Goals: Research Reveals a Simple Trick That Doubles Your Chances for Success.”

This piece is short, straight to the point, completely rooted in proven research, and actionable, meaning you’ll walk away from the piece with a new tool for your kit you can use right away.

We figured there is no better time to introduce you to James than the first week of the New Year.

That’s it for today.

Just read James’ piece, absorb it, and get your butts back to the gym! (And to where ever you get your healthy food from!)

Your exercise and dietary coaching team.

Zach Moore Training.

And everyone, if you found today’s article insightful, inspiring or enlightening and you have a friend, family member, colleague or peer who you think would benefit from what we’ve talked about here today, pass this email on.

One of the best things you can do for those you care about is help them build a healthy and great looking body.  A body that is strong, capable and moves without pain and a body in which they feel confident and happy.