Over the last five plus years more and more people have turned to Instagram for inspiration and information on how to build a lean, strong, and healthy body.And I guess this makes sense.

After all, everywhere you look on Instagram you find lean, fit, sexy people doing cool, hip, flashy workouts and eating cool, hip, trendy foods .

Not to mention many of these people have thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers.

And when it comes to learning about exercise and nutrition, if a beautiful, toned, slender person with a million plus followers tells us something about exercise and nutrition, then it must be true right? (And yes I am being sarcastic here, but I am only trying to be 50% sarcastic. This line of thinking does actually make sense, which is why Instagram can be such a problem.)

But what if it turns out the people you have been following, learning from, and trusting don’t actually know as much about exercise and nutrition as they say they do and they are actually unqualified to be giving out advice?

Or what if the people you have been following, learning from, and trusting are ardent ideologues trumpeting “their version” of the truth at the expense of what is real?

Or what if they are just outright frauds?

This week our team wants to share a piece written by the Guardian addressing these issues.


Candidly this piece is long. (It was published under the Guardian’s “Long Read” section…)  But if you have ever gone on Instagram looking for exercise and especially dietary advice, we have to say this piece is a must read.

Now we are not, nor is this piece, saying everyone on Instagram is unqualified, an ideologue, or a fraud. Not at all. There are many great exercise and dietary coaches on Instagram.

This piece will however, shine a light on some of the more egregious peddlers of incomplete and ideologically rooted claims, help you see through some of the Instagram B.S., and help you identify characteristics of unqualified coaches.

And anytime we can help you sift through bad information, and hopefully find more great coaches in the process, we feel we’ve accomplished one of our biggest goals!

So enjoy the Guardian’s great piece and we’ll catch you all back here next week.


Your exercise and dietary coaching team.

Zach Moore Training.

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One of the best things you can do for someone you care about is help them build a lean, healthy, and great looking body. A body that is strong, capable and moves without pain. And a body in which they feel confident and happy.