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“Go Train With Zach!”

GO TRAIN WITH ZACH! I can’t recommend Zach highly enough. I came to him after doing PT for a lower back injury. I wanted someone who could teach me correct/safe form for weight lifting, particularly deadlifts and squats because nerves about exacerbating the injury were holding me back at the gym. Zach was the perfect person for this, because he could relate from his own experience and he always put safe form first. Because I was on a budget, Zach and I defined my goals and he came up with a plan to help me attain them within the limited number of sessions I could afford. I’m honestly amazed at how he helped me exceed my goals in just a few weeks training together. On top of all this Zach is an amazing guy – funny, smart, and easy to talk to – I always looked forward to my hour training with him. I learned so much and he answered every question with a depth of knowledge and nuance. Even after my last session, Zach has checked in with me and helped me stay on track. I’m feeling confident, strong, and best of all my back hasn’t had a single problem. Thanks Zach!!