Vice President, J.P. Morgan

“I worked with Zach for almost two years and in that time lost over 40 pounds, (20% of my original body weight) put on 10 pounds of muscle, lowered my cholesterol, and lowered my resting heart rate.”

When I met Zach I was about 8 years out of college, out of shape, working long hours and eating badly. I also had a knee injury that I picked up towards the end of college. I was trying to get in shape and was generally failing. I would work out for a few weeks, lose 5-7 pounds, stop and gain it right back. I am sure this story is a familiar one for many people. Eventually, realizing that I was not getting results on my own, I reached out for help and met Zach.

From day one, Zach was very effective working around my knee injury. He has an encyclopedic (and up to date) knowledge of different kinds of exercise routines that kept the sessions fresh and interesting – something I wasn’t having much success with on my own. He helped me find the fitness and nutrition program that was right for my lifestyle and fitness goals – tweaking it from time to time to keep me on the right track. Via our training sessions and fitness related discussions – I eventually re-learnt how to be healthy, how to eat better (no dieting) and how to maintain a good fitness level while still working the same long hours. Lastly, Zach also has a very positive and easygoing personality, which makes him a great person in general to train with. I recommend him without any reservation.