Author of The International Best Seller and Recent Dreamworks Movie Production: The Hundred Foot Journey

“It sounds like I am exaggerating, but Zach literally changed my life.”

It started in late 2013 when I was on a business trip in Palm Springs, and had a sinus infection and was loaded up on antibiotics, plus all the other back and leg pains that wracked the body of this sedentary 53 year-old workaholic writer. My wife, tired of my sniffling and moaning, told me when we got home, it was time for me to really invest in my health. After doing some research into Manhattan’s many personal trainers and personal training gyms, I came upon Zach’s webpage, reached out to him, and as they say, the rest is history.  He not only came to build me up physically in the gym of my building, but as he is also a nutritionist, he had me taking iPhone snapshots of what I ate – making me conscious of the excessive portions I was eating. I dropped the unnecessary carbs from my diet and reduced my overall portion sizes, but other than that, I still had my vino and (modest sized) gourmet meals.

In a month and a half, I dropped 21 pounds, coming down to 169 pounds. It was, between the twice-weekly work out sessions with Zach and the food monitoring, all relatively easy. Instead of hobbling down Park Avenue as I walked to work, I found myself strutting my stuff like I was Anthony in Saturday Night Fever.  Friends started asking me – “What are you doing?” Here it is today, and I am fitter than I was when I was in my early 30s. I feel decades younger and my chronic aches and pains have disappeared. I’ve kept the weight off and am still growing stronger as Zach keeps gently pushing me to the next level. I still see Zach every week and I cannot recommend him enough. He has deep and excellent technical knowledge and a truly wonderful bedside manner that is devoid of judgment and never makes this old geezer feel like a doof. An exceptional trainer, coach, and person. Truly. Zach has built up my raw strength and stamina and greatly increased my flexibility, undermining that stiffness and rigidity that comes when you enter your 50s and start to age quicker.