“The Zach Moore Training team is the best group of personal trainers in New York City.  Dedicated, focused, and smart.  Everything you could ask for from a personal training team.”


Standing 6’1” and weighing in at 225lbs with only 8% body fat Oluseyi “Shae” Osinowo embodies the archetype physique and capabilities of a high level athlete. Before Shae transitioned into a full timer personal trainer and nutritionist, Shae competed both as a power lifter, including a 2nd place finish at the USPA Juniors at age 19, and as a starter on his collegiate division III football team.

Over his ten plus years as a full time personal trainer, Shae has combined his high level athletic experiences with his professional expertise, which includes his nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition and his Olympic Lifting certification from U.S.A. weightlifting, to hone his training method. Effectively incorporating both the fundamental components of traditional strength training with more advanced techniques such as ballistic and Olympic style lifting and kettlebell work, Shae carefully builds his clients the most solid strength and power foundations possible.


B.A. State University Of New York at Morrisville


National Academy of Sports Medicine:
Certified Personal Trainer – (NASM-CPT)

Precision Nutrition:
Certified Nutritionist Level 1 – (PN-L1)

USA Weightlifting:
Olympic Lifting Certification – (USAW-OLC)