“The Zach Moore Training team is the best group of personal trainers in New York City.  Dedicated, focused, and smart.  Everything you could ask for from a personal training team.”


Gosia has been practicing the STOTT Pilates method for the past 10 years, incorporating cardiovascular and strength training into her programs. She is fully certified Pilates Instructor (all levels on equipment and Mat), and NASM certified Personal Trainer. Her own fitness experience includes Ice Dancing, Yoga, Ballroom Dancing and Body Building. She understands that most fitness goals involve both exercise and diet programming which she closely works with her clients on. Gosia combines her sports and fitness knowledge and professional training into her private Pilates and Personal Training sessions, Pilates Strength mat and Pilates Reformer group classes.

Her programming includes both exercise progressions as well as regressions, making workouts challenging yet appropriate for all levels of strengths, fitness goals and age groups. Gosia is a true fitness and health enthusiast. She believes that in today’s busy and over scheduled world, one has to take an active role and make their health and well being a priority. It can be as small as taking regular walks or drinking more water, but one needs to give their body a reason and a chance to work better!


B.A. Pace University


National Academy of Sports Medicine:
Certified Personal Trainer – (NASM-CPT)