“The Zach Moore Training team is the best group of personal trainers in New York City.  Dedicated, focused, and smart.  Everything you could ask for from a personal training team.”


One of the most positive, encouraging, and endearing people you will meet, Danny began his personal training journey In 2011 after a close friend urged him to combine his deep interest in fitness with his fantastic people skills and become a full time, professional personal trainer.  Danny began his practice under the guidance of his mentor, long time trainer and weight loss coach Antonia Portella, after which Danny went on to enroll and graduate at the top of his class from the American Academy of Personal Training.

Danny’s complete grasp of the fundamentals of exercise, nutrition, and recovery give him the ability to develop programs for a wide variety of clients with wide ranging fitness goals.  But it is Danny’s inspiring attitude and love of circuit training that have made Danny an especially effective weight loss and internal health optimization coach and especially popular among clients looking for a challenging, but encouraging workout routine.


Graduate of the American Academy of Personal Training

National Academy of Sports Medicine:
Certified Personal Trainer – (NASM-CPT)