College Student

“Zach is an absolutely fantastic trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Before I came to Zach, I had never retained a personal trainer and had very little experience working out. I had three weeks before leaving for my junior year in college, and wanted to arrive on campus with a repeatable workout routine. Even though I was virtually a complete beginner, Zach was extremely patient with me and worked closely with me to mold a workout routine. From the initial phone consultation, it was quite clear that Zach’s main focus was my goals. He asked me about what I wanted from our sessions, how I wanted to look, how I wanted to feel, and how much time I was going to spend on the gym. Rather than enrolling me in a pre-set program, Zach focused on my needs specifically, and shaped my workouts towards my own fitness goals.

While in the gym, Zach’s attention to detail is incredible. In the first session, we went through the seven major lifts, and Zach critiqued my form throughout. He stressed that form is absolutely essential to any exercise, as improper form can lead to injury. He closely analyzed my form on each exercise and, in exercises that I struggled with form, returned to them in later sessions. In addition to having a textbook knowledge of physical training, Zach is energetic and a joy to be around. He makes training fun, and I couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer.