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“Zach Moore Training is personal training the way it needs to be. Extremely effective, compassionate, and safe. Personal Training at its absolute best.”

I first started training with Zach a little over a year ago after experiencing frustration with many of the fitness professionals I had previously encountered. Many don’t invest in creating programs that provide incremental improvement or they encourage dangerous practices for people new to the personal training world.  Zach should be the gold standard for the industry. Zach has a unique and unparalleled skill set created through a confluence of a deep wealth of knowledge, a true passion for safe fitness, and an unwavering dedication toward fully understanding his clients. Zach’s educational credentials speak for themselves. He also practices a pursuit of lifelong learning in order to keep fully informed of recent developments within his domain. He uses this impressive knowledge as a base to create uniquely smart, informed, and holistic programs for his clients that incorporate cardio, interval training, strength training, and nutrition.

Zach tailors his workouts to best suit your goals and your skillset. He will work with you to safely reach the next level of fitness and conditioning. He always emphasizes correct form so you will never feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Zach also knows when it is appropriate to challenge you without being overbearing so that your training never feels stale or complacent. Additionally, Zach is highly empathetic and he uses this skill to ascertain what is important to you as his client, how and why fitness helps you to achieve your personal goals, and how to best influence you to make continuous progress. He truly takes the time to understand what motivates you and works tirelessly to encourage you in that customized way.

The results speak for themselves. One year in, I am the leanest and strongest I have ever been. Routine training with Zach provides incentive for me to exercise on my own so that I can reach the next level during my next session with him. His encouragement has motivated me to make real change to both my daily routine and my dietary habits. Zach is a true professional: he is never late to a session and is quick to respond to emails sent off session. On a personal note, Zach is extremely intelligent, a great conversationalist, and a truly engaging guy. The hour you spend with him will fly by and you will learn something from him every time. He is personable, fun, and has great taste in music. I cannot recommend Zach enough.