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“My whole life I’ve wanted to be in great shape. I worked with Zach for five months and got into the best shape I’ve ever been in.”

I found Zach in February 2016 and started working with him twice a week. In early April 2016 though I realized I wanted to return home to India, planned my move for early June, quit my job, and started working out with Zach five days a week. Between April 13, the day I quit my job, and June 3rd, our last session before I returned to India, I lost 4.3 pounds of fat, gained 9.3 pounds of muscle, gained 3 inches in my shoulders, 2.75 inches in my chest, 1.5 inches in my arms, 2.5 inches in my legs, and lost 3.25 inches in my stomach.  My bench press went up by over 40 pounds, my squat increased by over 50 pounds, and I went from not being able to do more than 2 pull ups to being able to do multiple sets of 8. By June 3rd my body looked completely different. Much bigger where I wanted to be bigger, and much smaller where I wanted to be smaller.

When I first started working with Zach I had very bad form on my major lifts and when I would try to press dumbbells they would shake everywhere.  One thing that was great about working with Zach was that he took the time to teach me the correct form for all the lifts we used in our program. I’m not exaggerating when I say Zach was on me about my form on every single rep every time we worked out. The workouts themselves were hard, but smart.  Whenever I asked Zach “Why are we doing…” he always had a reason. And whenever I asked Zach a question about something he was not 100% sure about, he would say so and refer me to someone who did. Zach never just made up an answer. Zach also helped me a lot with my diet. In the beginning Zach made me take pictures of everything I ate and send them to him.  Then he would send me an email with feedback. Taking the pictures and getting real feedback helped me figure out what I should be eating and how much of it I needed to eat.

If you are looking for a personal trainer I can’t recommend Zach highly enough.  He is a real professional. He is smart, knowledgeable, and he was dedicated to my program and my results.  Zach is also a lot of fun to work with and that makes a big difference when you’re with someone for an hour or more at a time.