Complimentary Trail

I believe that deciding to work with a personal trainer is a great and life altering decision.  But in order for you to get the most out of your training, you need the right trainer.  And in order to find the right trainer, you need to be able to try a trainer out.   That it is why it is my pleasure to offer you two complimentary training sessions.  These two sessions will give you the opportunity to get a sense of what working together will be like and how it will help you move forward towards your health and fitness goals. Your first complimentary training session will be an initial telephone consultation. During our initial call, we will discuss your goals, any injuries you may be dealing with, your current exercise routine, and your diet.  After we will schedule your second in-person complimentary training session! This session is a full one on one personal training session that will incorporate the types of exercises and intensity levels that you can expect from your personalized training program moving forward.

First Time Client Package

In addition to your initial complimentary training sessions All New Clients receive a “first-time client introductory package.”  This introductory package ensures that you have the opportunity to continue to “get to know me” without a larger initial financial investment.

Rates & Payment Options:

The First Time Client Introductory Package is a three-session package, after which you may purchase your sessions one at a time, or in packages of twelve. I gladly accept cash, check, Visa, American Express, and the online payment system Venmo.

First Time Client Introductory Package

3 Session Package

$100 per session



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