Vice President – Strategic Alliances Financial Services

“Our first session was intensely challenging, and fun, in a way I knew I could not repeat on my own and had not experiencd with another trainer.”

Zach became my trainer two and a half years ago when, to be honest, I wasn’t even looking for a trainer.  I really just wanted to get some ideas for new workouts and get some feedback on a few form issues I was having.  I friend of mine recommended Zach to me and our sessions were so good we have been training once a week ever since.

We predominately focus on resistance based circuit training as a means of working every muscle in my body during each of our workouts and then I compliment my workout with Zach with another resistance circuit routine that he sends me and two additional days of cardio work.  The program has been excellent and I can’t tell you how good my results have been.  I’m thrilled I was introduced to Zach!  He is excellent!