Cornell Medical Billing Associate

“I’ve been training with Zach for seven years and counting!”

I started training with Zachary over five years ago. I originally decided to work with a trainer because I wanted to start an exercise program properly without straining myself so badly that I would have been too sore to continue and waste time. Been there, done that before. Thank goodness for Zachary! With his guidance and encouragement I workout 3 to 4 times per week and have steadily increased my strength and endurance, reduced weight and body fat ratio, gone down is clothes size, and just feel better physically and mentally in general.

While I am very aware of proper nutrition, Zach’s continual reinforcement makes me consciously improve my diet. While many of my many very bad eating habits still makes Zach cringe, I do consider more about what I eat because of him. I have greatly reduced my diet soda consumption, eat more whole grain breads instead of white, drink more water, and eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

The best thing about Zachary is that he makes what could be a very boring exercise session into an hour of entertainment( we talk about movies, TV, music and even (taboos) religion and politics) that I look forward to attending. If you want to talk an investment, in my opinion Zachary is a blue chip.