Hello & Welcome

My name is Zach Moore and I am a certified strength & conditioning coach, medical exercise specialist, nutritionist, and personal trainer. 

Since founding my practice in 2006 I have coached some of New York’s most driven and focused individuals. Clients ranging from former Iron Man competitors and collegiate division one athletes to clients completely new to exercise and healthy eating.  And throughout my time as a personal fitness coach I have helped each one of my clients dramatically improve the way their body looked, felt, and functioned. 

As your athletic and performance coach, dietary management specialist, and personal trainer, my training style, philosophy, and objective will be straight forward and simple: design for you the best, most efficient, and safest exercise and dietary management programs possible.  And make sure you have the absolute best training experience every time we train together. 

It is a pleasure to have you on my website and as you move forward toward your health and fitness goal, I look forward to being a part of your journey.